About Rob van Sante

Musician (touring, recording, session), Producer, Composer, Arranger, Recording Engineer, FOH and Monitor Engineer, Graphic Designer, Video Technician and Editor

My whole life has been immersed in, and dominated by music. Indeed my mother was a chid prodigy on the piano, so music was never far away. I have been a touring acoustic musician for the better part of four-and-a-half decades on a global level. In that time I have worked closely with numerous musicians, sound technicians, theatre technicians, studio personnel and an assortment of other people associated with acoustic music.

Having a good ear and an unrivalled knowledge of acoustic music accounts for the fact that numerous artists have put their projects into my care. Have a look at some of the people I have had the great fortune to work with over time and who have become good friends.

I have now settled in Whitby, a beautiful seaside town on the north-east coast of Yorkshire, England, and have set up a recording studio in my house. The studio is well equipped with the latest software and hardware. In our acoustically treated recording room we use the latest in microphone technology.

Here is a list of some of the people I have worked with professionally:

Battlefield Band, Martin Carthy, Tim Wood, Chris Parkinson, Danny Thompson, John McCusker, Eric Bogle, Steve Tilston, John Conolly, Tannahill Weavers, Paul Metsers, Kate Rusby, Martin Haynes, Tony Wilson, Alan Reid, Jon Strong, Janie Meneely, Gordon Tyrrell, Chris Sherburn, Chumbawamba, Alistair Russell, Kevin Burke, Tom McConville, Aaron Jones, Patsy Matheson, Jim Malcolm, Boys of the Loch, Martin Mathews, Robin Morton, Steve Turner, Keiran Halpin, Waking the Witch, Jennifer Cutting, Donal Lunny, Jacquelyn Hynes, Brian Peters, and many more both here in the UK and abroad.


What they say

Rob is as good a recording engineer as he is musician. He is warm, patient and inspires confidence - plus he has great ears. He understands how to get the best out of any acoustic instrument, as well as the person who is playing it.

Patsy Matheson (Waking the Witch)
Singer/Songwriter and Recording Artist

“… the work Rob van Sante has done on our forthcoming release is absolutely spot on and delivers exactly what we’ve been hoping for, [namely] us live on a good night with a superb sound system and an even better sound man….”

Steve Flude (Monkey's Fist)
Musician, Singer and Recording Artist

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